Blazing the Midwest's Biggest Trails Project
Steve Buchtel pitched the 26-mile Cal-Sag Trail, which will stitch together disparate suburbs of Chicago, as offering benefits beyond recreation. Image Courtesy Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail
+CityLab, November 2014.

Great Lakes, Uncertain Futures
My crowd-funded side project is live, but you can still subscribe! I provide regular news round-ups and monthly original reporting on water and climate change around the Great Lakes basin.
+Battling green slime, Wisconsin builds ‘farm pride’
+Beacon, October 2014.

Who cleans up crime scenes on Chicago streets?
I take a look behind a grim but practical reality of dealing with Chicago’s ongoing violence problem, and find out not everyone agrees the city is doing is the right way.
+Photo: A stain on the sidewalk from a crime scene on the 1600 block of W. Morse Ave. in Rogers Park. (Shawn Allee / WBEZ)
+Chicago Public Media, November 2014.

Tale of the two-flat
Skip the skyscraper! The most interesting building in Chicago is tied to its neighborhoods and its working class. We take you to North Lawndale, where a building's story is told by the people who lived there, from 1920 to today. (Photo of two-flats in Lincoln Square courtesy Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr.)
+Chicago Public Media, August 2014.