How Gary, Indiana, Got Serious About Tackling Blight

The mayor of Gary is determined to stop a tide of vacant, neglected buildings in her post-industrial city. Data-rich parcel mapping is the first step.

+Photo: Inside Gary's abandoned City Methodist Church. (Grace Trivino via Flickr)
+CityLab, February 2015

Chicago’s next supertall building
Since the Chicago Spire's demise, supertall construction here has sputtered. WBEZ's Curious City asks if egos and economics could once again conspire to build something on the scale of the Willis Tower.
+Chicago Public Media, January 2015

Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?
Popular in northern Europe, cohousing is still a fringe option in the U.S. But the number of cohousing communities here is set to climb, thanks to Baby Boomers. +CityLab, January 2015.
+Photo: Residents outside a home in Mosaic Commons, a cohousing community in Berlin, Massachusetts. (Tim Pierce/Flickr)
+I discussed this story as a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio's The Kathleen Dunn Show. Listen to and download the audio here.

When is Chicago-area traffic the worst?
The patterns behind what can make driving feel like a personal hell.
+Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr
+Chicago Public Media, January 2015.