Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?
Popular in northern Europe, cohousing is still a fringe option in the U.S. But the number of cohousing communities here is set to climb, thanks to Baby Boomers. +CityLab, January 2015.
+Photo: Residents chat on the porch of a home in Mosaic Commons, a cohousing community in Berlin, Massachusetts. (Tim Pierce/Flickr)

When is Chicago-area traffic the worst?
The patterns behind what can make driving feel like a personal hell.
+Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr
+Chicago Public Media, January 2015.

Welcome to the new Tijuana
With the violence of the drug war behind it, the border city is experiencing a boom of arts and startup activity, spurred by the group Reactivando Espacios.
+CityLab, December 2014.
+Photo: Hub Stn, a coworking space launched in a former bus terminal. (Hernan Cazares)

Environmental justice groups in Chicago grapple with a sluggish economy
After working together to shut down a pair of coal plants, three grassroots organizations no longer see exactly eye to eye on the best way forward for their community. +CityLab, December 2014.
+Photo: Activists unfurl a protest banner in 2011 outside the Crawford coal plant in Chicago. (Rainforest Action Network / Flickr)