Daley 3.0? Not so fast—handicapping Patrick D. Thompson
For Chicago Magazine, I look at Patrick Daley Thompson—the third generation of a powerful political dynasty in Chicago who, despite his middle name, faces a checkered path to the mayor's office should he choose to run in 2019.
+Chicago Magazine, March 2015
+Photo: Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune

Taming the great layer of jelly in Chicago's cake
WBEZ's Curious City tells how engineers built a forest of skyscrapers on soil so soggy they compared it to jelly cake.
+Chicago Public Media, March 2015
+Photo: The Chicago Architecture Foundation's Jen Masengarb, my collaborator on this, inspects the basement of the Monadnock Building.

How Gary, Indiana, Got Serious About Tackling Blight

The mayor of Gary is determined to stop a tide of vacant, neglected buildings in her post-industrial city. Data-rich parcel mapping is the first step.

+Photo: Inside Gary's abandoned City Methodist Church. (Grace Trivino via Flickr)
+CityLab, February 2015

Chicago’s next supertall building
Since the Chicago Spire's demise, supertall construction here has sputtered. WBEZ's Curious City asks if egos and economics could once again conspire to build something on the scale of the Willis Tower.
+Chicago Public Media, January 2015